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Montana Hay Report

Billings, MT    Friday Sept. 8, 2017    USDA Market News

Weekly Montana Hay Report



Alfalfa: Supreme:        Small squares, 200.00

                                                      Large squares, 150.00

                      Premium:            Large squares, 140.00-145.00 

                                                      Large rounds,  150.00             

                    Good:              Large squares, 130.00-160.00          

                                                        Large rounds,  140.00-165.00

                                                      Small squares, 150.00

                       Fair:                      Large squares, 110.00-155.00

                                                        Large rounds,  120.00-160.00

                                                      Small Squares, 130.00

                      Utility:                    Large squares, 100.00  


                      Fair:                      Large squares, 130.00-135.00

                                                        Large rounds,  125.00

                    Utility:                  Large rounds,  90.00


                      Good:                   Large squares, 140.00

                                                        Large rounds,  130.00-135.00

                      Fair:                      Large rounds,  120.00-135.00; long haul 100.00                          

Timothy Grass:

    Premium:            Small squares, 200.00-240.00          

Barley Straw

                  Large squares, 50.00-60.00;  long haul 40.00                              

Wheat straw:

South central Montana:   Large squares, 40.00-55.00; long haul 35.00


Compared to last week:  Hay prices sold fully steady. Supply and demand this week was light to moderate. Hay in the eastern portion of the state is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to find locally. As a result, the top end of hay prices continues to decline. However, hay prices overall remain steady. Rain was the talk this week as many producers across the state were receiving some type of moisture, liquid or frozen. This was a welcome sight as wildfires continue to rage in the western portions of the state. Ranchers hoped this rain would bring some life back to winter pastures which are nearly burnt up from drought. Market activity this week was slow. A good portion of the hay moved this week was 3rd cutting. Grass hay sold steady this week on mostly good demand and light supplies. All prices are dollars per ton and FOB unless otherwise noted.

Wyoming, West Nebraska, and SW South Dakota Hay Report

Greeley, CO    Thu Sept. 14, 2017    USDA - CO Dept of Ag Market News

Wyoming, Western Nebraska, and Western South Dakota Hay Report

Eastern Wyoming
   Large Squares: Good/Fair 130.00; Fair 120.00-125.00.
   Round Bales: Fair 120.00-125.00.
   No reported quotes for other classes of hay.

Central and Western Wyoming
   Small Squares: Premium 190.00; Good 135.00 (4.00 per bale).
  Alfalfa/Grass Mix
   Small Squares: Good/Premium 185.00 (6.50 per bale).
   No reported quotes for other classes of hay. 

Western Nebraska
   Ground and Delivered: 135.00.
   No reported quotes for other classes of hay.

Western South Dakota
   Large Squares: Premium 165.00-175.00.
   No reported quotes for other classes of hay.




Compared to last week, prices were mostly steady with demand good in all regions.  The NASS Wyoming Crop Progress and Condition report for the week ending September 10, 2017 states that a reporter from Western Wyoming indicated that some producers are trying to get a third cutting of alfalfa before a good freeze or possible snow hits later this week.  A reporter from South Central Wyoming indicated that it has been hot and dry, hay harvest is almost complete, and cattle are coming off summer pastures.  Alfalfa second cutting is 98 percent complete and third cutting is 45 percent complete. The NASS South Dakota Crop Progress and Condition Report for the week ending September 11, 2017 states that silage cutting and late-season haying continued under mostly dry conditions.  Alfalfa condition rated 26 percent very poor, 34 percent poor, 23 percent fair, 16 percent good, and 1 percent excellent.  Alfalfa second cutting was 80 percent complete, third cutting was 56 percent complete.  Pasture and range condition rated 24 percent very poor, 30 percent poor, 29 percent fair, 16 percent good, and 1 percent excellent.  All prices dollars per ton FOB stack in large square bales and rounds, unless otherwise noted.  Most horse hay sold in small squares.  Prices are from the most recent reported sales.