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Montana Hay Report

Billings, MT    Friday Oct. 5, 2018    USDA Market News

Weekly Montana Hay Report


Alfalfa: Supreme: Small squares, 200.00-250.00

Large squares, 180.00 old crop

Good: Large squares, 120.00-140.00

Large rounds, 115.00-130.00

Fair/Good:        Large squares, 90.00-110.00

Large rounds, 85.00-105.00

Utility: Large rounds, 60.00-80.00

Large squares, 70.000-90.00



Good:         Large squares, 125.00-140.00

Fair: Large squares, 110.00-115.00

Large rounds, 105.00-110.00   

Small squares, 120.00-130.00

Utility: Large squares, 70.00-90.00



Premium: Small squares, 200.00

Good: Small squares, 185.00

Large rounds, 120.00

Fair: Large squares, 125.00

Large rounds, 100.00-110.00

Utility: Large rounds, 80.00

Small squares, 130.00

Timothy Grass:

    Premium:            Small squares, 225.00-240.00

Good: Small squares, 160.00-180.00

Barley Straw:

Large squares, 40.00-50.00

Large rounds, 40.00-50.00

Wheat Straw:

South central: Large squares, 35.00-40.00          

Northern: Large squares, 35.00-40.00                 



Compared to last week: Alfalfa hay prices sold mostly steady to 5.00 lower. Heavy supplies and light demand continues to weigh on the hay market. Ranchers have not been in a hurry to buy hay for winter as supplies remain heavy. Hay movement was slow to moderate this week, however it was slightly better this week compared to last week. Plenty of grazing remains available for ranchers as ample moisture continues to fall across much of the state. Export demand remains mostly good as buyers continue to purchase clean green hay to export to pacific rim countries. Demand for straw remains good as supplies are light to moderate with many producers still trying to harvest grain as moisture has slowed progress. All prices are dollars per ton and FOB unless otherwise noted.

Wyoming, West Nebraska, and SW South Dakota Hay Report

Torrington, WY    Thur Sept. 20, 2018    USDA - WY Dept of Ag Market News

Wyoming and South Dakota Hay Report

Eastern Wyoming 

Alfalfa: Premium large squares 175.00-192.00. 
Good large squares 150.00. 
Alfalfa/Grass: Premium large squares 185.00-200.00; 
Good large squares 140.00-150.00. 
Sun-cured alfalfa pellets 15 percent protein: 245.00.  

Central and Western Wyoming

Alfalfa: Good large squares 150.00-160.00; 
Fair large squares 130.00-140.00. 
Premium small squares 200.00; 
Good small squares 160.00. 
Alfalfa/Orchard Grass: Premium large squares 150.00-190.00 
Premium small squares 220.00. 
Timothy: Premium small squares 200.00. 
Barley straw in large squares: 50.00. 
Certified weed seed free alfalfa cubes: 230.00-280.00.

Western South Dakota:  

Alfalfa:  No Reported Sales.

   Alfalfa/Grass Mix:  No Reported Sales.

   Grass:  No Reported Sales.
   Straw:  No Reported Sales.



Compared to last week all reported forages sold steady. Demand was moderated with most of the reported hay going to out of state buyers. 
Warmer weather the last few days and many producers are on third cutting of alfalfa and mixed hay varieties.  All prices are dollars per ton FOB the field or hay barn unless otherwise noted. 

South Dakota

Compared to last week:  All classes of hay remain steady, few reported sales however.  Demand moderate for alfalfa, good for high quality grass hay to start calves on feed.  Cool weather early in the week, which slowed down drying of hay, followed up by 4-6 inches of rain in SE SD basically ruining any cut hay.   All hay and straw sold by the ton FOB, unless otherwise noted.