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Market Snapshot

Cash Cattle Trend:


There were a few more bids tossed out for consideration Wednesday (i.e., $108 live, $173 dressed), but nothing tempting enough to spark selling interest. Asking prices were around $112-$114 in the South and $178 dressed in the North). 

Fed Steers Live

-3  109 to 113
Dressed Basis
-3 173-179

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Feeder Cattle Futures late Monday morning rallied higher with October contracts posting gains near $3 per cwt in reaction to buyers stepping back into the complex

Wheat Cash Trend


September contracts of corn, soybeans and all three wheats finished lower Wednesday, along with nearly all commodities, except for livestock. Along with general commodity price concerns, grains and soybeans were also pressured by a favorable seven-day forecast for the central U.S.

Local 12% Winter
-11 460 - 535
Local 14% Spring
-18 493 - 561

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All three grains closed lower Thursday as mild summer temperatures blanketed the Midwest with another day of good growing weather
July soybeans fell another 21 3/4 cents Friday after President Trump approved roughly $50 billion of new tariffs against Chinese goods -- a move that may lead to retaliatory tariffs on U.S. soybeans as well as other goods. Corn and wheat ended the bearish week with small losses on Friday, while gold and crude oil saw sharp drops.

Featured Auction


Western Livestock Video  - 8/6-7 

4-500 lb Steers
195 - 222
5-600 lb Steers
 163 - 189
6-700 lb Steers
164 - 176
7-800 lb Steers
163 - 164

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