17 Cattle Killed Following Crash in Cheyenne Wyoming


KGWN reports:  

At least 17 cattle were killed Tuesday morning following the crash of a cattle truck in Cheyenne, WY.  The driver suffered minor injuries. The Wyoming Highway Patrol reported that 10 cattle died immediately after the crash and seven were put down due to injury. There were a total of 94 cattle on board at the time of the crash. The remaining cattle are currently in the care of the Wyoming Livestock Board.

The crash happened at about 1:30AM in the Southbound lanes of I-25 near the Central Ave. exit. The cause is believed to be driver fatigue. 

A representative with the Wyoming Livestock Board says many of the surviving cattle are in great shape.  At this time it isn't clear if the cattle will be sent to their original destination, a private ranch in Oklahoma.


Source:  KWGN.tv



Too much visor by jr-transport, on Flickr
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