Wednesday, September 28, 2022

2015 Tax Appraisal Notices to be Discussed on Statewide Radio Talk Show


In the last few days, Montana property owners received their 2015 Property Tax Reappraisal notices in the mail and the key item to check on the form, is the current Market Value of your property.


State law requires the department to value real and personal property at 100{62211894bbe3543ea27fa51e74e3ab79f2baeee0f4cbac9ff4b15b5bf1d81fd0} of its market value, which is the value at which property would change hands between a willing buyer and seller. (Timber and agricultural land are valued by their productivity value rather than their market value.)


If you are concerned about your own Reappraisal Notice, the Department of Revenue is working hard to answer questions about the new two-year appraisal system.


This coming Wednesday the DOR’s Property Assessment administrator, Cynthia Monteau Moore will be the featured guest for the live statewide Talk Show “Voices of Montana”.  There will be a one-hour call-in question and answer discussion from 9-10am this Wednesday. 


Meanwhile, here is a great link to the most Frequently Asked Questions about this year’s Real Property Classification and the Appraisal Notice itself.


Also on the Department of Revenue website is a simple one-page explanation of how to use this Appraisal Notice to estimate your 2015 general Property Taxes.


On Wednesday you can call in and ask questions on the show by calling 406-238-0111.



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