2015 Wyoming Beef Ambassador Contest


The National Beef Ambassador Program works with youth in states across the country. These Beef Ambassadors educate consumers in their respective areas about beef and beef production. Additionally, five of these young adults are chosen to represent the National Beef Ambassador Team and educate consumers on a national level through a competition. 

This program is essential because today's youth are bombarded with anti-beef messages that often find their way into schools. Beef Ambassadors located across the nation go into classrooms, daycares, after school programs and attend youth organization activities where they make presentations about their personal experiences with beef and the beef industry, including industry messages on nutrition, animal welfare, environment and other key topics. 

National Beef Ambassadors increase consumer reach through their attendance at promotional events during consumer expos, health fairs and in-store demonstrations. Across our nation Beef Ambassadors share personal experiences, product samples and key beef messaging on nutrition, recipes, preparation, animal welfare, environment and other key issues.

Click for Contest Rules and Entry Form


Source:  Wyoming CattleWomen

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