Wednesday, October 5, 2022

2017 Fumigation Training Tour for Fumigant Applicators, Choteau MT


Applicators using aluminum or magnesium phosphide fumigants for managing rodents or insects should understand how to meet all product label requirements, including expanded requirements since 2010. The expanded EPA requirements resulted after two children died upon inhaling phosphine gas from an improper application of aluminum phosphide near their home to manage rodent populations in 2010. 

This is not the first or last time fumigants have been connected to deaths across the US. Improper use of aluminum phosphide fumigants also resulted in the death of one South Dakota girl in 2000, sickening a family and killing their 2 year old girl in Lubbock, Texas in 2007, and recently (January, 2017) four children died and six were hospitalized after a similar suspected misapplication of this pesticide in Texas. All deaths were due to the misuse of this pesticide product as a result of not reading and following the pesticide product label.

Certified pesticide applicators may attend fumigant training sessions offered by the MSU Pesticide EducationProgram (PEP) on the following dates:  

February 21st in Malta

February 22nd in Lewistown

February 23rd in Choteau. 

Tim Larson (Degesch Corporation) will be delivering information on structural fumigations, Stephen Vantassel (Montana Department of Agriculture Vertebrate Pest Specialist) will present how to properly use fumigants for rodent applications and Dr. Cecil Tharp (MSU Pesticide Education Specialist) will cover fumigant safety and how to protect yourself and others. Applicators can view the complete agenda by navigating to the MSU PEP website at and selecting ‘Private Applicator Program’ then ‘Recertification TrainingOpportunities’. Attendees will be awarded continuing education credits for the following categories: PrivateApplicator (6 credits), Dealer (6 credits), Seed Treatment (6 credits), Demo & Research (6 credits), Ag. PlantPest (4 credits), Ag. Vertebrate Pest (2 credits), and Rodent (2 credits).

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: Agenda is at by selecting the location of interest. Interested individuals are urged to register online as limited space is available. If you have questions regarding this article contact the MSU Pesticide Education program (Dr. Cecil Tharp, Pesticide Education Specialist, 406-994-5067,

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