A Huge Shakeup at the American Angus Association


A shakeup at the American Angus Association (AAA) has resulted in large staff turnover. On April 11, 2014 – American  Angus  Association Chief  Executive Officer Bryce Schumann addressed members in a letter that is posted on the association's website.  Schumann addressed the events that resulted from a letter from staff members over the management of the association and asked for Schumann's removal.

This letter prompted a six-member task force made of officers and board members to conduct staff interviews. After two-and-a-half weeks of meetings and a lengthy deliberation – the American Angus Association sided with Schumann – and six regional  managers and six staff  members were dismissed from the association.

One major change that comes out of the announcement is the American Angus Association will no longer have a Chief Operating Officer for the organization. Since 2008 – when Schumann was hired – the organization also had a COO. Grant says that position has been eliminated to allow staff to report directly to the CEO.

The loss of these 12 staff members will be significant with many staff members having a long tenure with the organization. Grant is asking producers to be patient through the transition process – as it could take six months to a year for operations to return to normal.

States now without an American Angus Association Regional Manager include: AL, AR, LA, MS, KY, OH, TN, KS, OK, IL, IN, MI, WI, HA, ID, OR, WA, CO and NE.

To read the letter the American Angus Association CEO Bryce Schumann posted on the AAA website for it's membership, click here.

Source:  Leslie Smith of KNEB in Scottsbluff, Nebraska

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