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AgroLiquid Helping Growers Achieve Soil Health


SAN ANTONIO, TX (March 4, 2017) – It's time for another planting season and AgroLiquid is helping growers this year by optimizing soil health. A healthy and successful crop all starts with soil health.

AgroLiquid is built upon three core principles of product development: 

  • Conduct extensive research
  • Emphasize solid agronomics
  • Create sustainability for the grower and consumer alike

The result is advanced crop fertility products, programs and recommendations. Ongoing product development efforts promise to keep AgroLiquid in its leadership position as the company continues to grow.

During the Commodity Classic, the Northern Ag Network's Russell Nemetz talked with AgroLiquid's Marketing Manager Albert Bancroft.



Source: Northern Ag Network & AgroLiquid

This Convention Conversation is brought to you by AgroLiquid.

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