Alberta ranching family donates $5 million for cattle research


By David Boushy and Lisa Geddes, Global News

A father and daughter’s donation could help the University of Calgary become a world leader in animal behaviour and welfare research.

Jack Anderson and his daughter Wynne Chisholm of W.A. Ranches have donated $5 million for cattle research.

Chisholm and her dad have a passion for technology and animal care, and decided to act when they heard the University of Calgary’s vet school could use some research money.

“We expect that through the additional research they’ll be able to do, particularly in the cow-calf sector, that it will ultimately benefit all farmers and ranchers,” said Chisholm Tuesday.

Herding cattle on horseback is something that hasn’t changed much over the years but other things relating to herd management and animal health have changed a great deal with advancements in technology.

”Things are becoming much more automated,” said Ed Pajor, an animal researcher at the U of C. “We’re using electronic sensors to determine where animals are, what they’re doing and how they are being fed.”

The donation will help establish the U of C as a world authority on cattle research.

“I think what we’ll see is Calgary emerging as a national, international leader in the area of animal welfare in the cattle industry,” said Pajor. “I think you’ll see lots of different discoveries.”

The funds will support research into cow-calf bonding, difficult pregnancies and post-stress development.

“As cattle ranchers, we think Albertans raise some of the best beef in the world,” explained Chisholm. “I think some of this research will help demonstrate and showcase our deep interest in our animals, how they are cared for and how they make it through the food chain.”



Source:  Bill Pelton Livestock, LLC

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