Alleged Animal Cruelty Case Investigation at Kountz Arena


by Brooke Boone – MTN News

The Gallatin County Sheriff's Office is investigating an alleged animal cruelty case at Kountz Arena near Bozeman.

Lt. Shane Frantz said they received a call Saturday about a horse laying in a pen, missing one of its hooves. The report came in after a horse show at Kountz arena off Stuckey Road on Saturday.

Frantz said there is little information at this point. He said they do know who owned the horse but he could not release that information. He also could not confirm if the horse had been put down.

Meanwhile, several photos are being spread online showing a horse with a missing hoof and a calf lying in its own feces.

Frantz said he had not seen those photos but they are investigating. Anyone with information is asked to call crime stoppers.

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Source:  KBZK News

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