American Prairie Reserve Gains 22,000 Acres



A point of constant contention on Montana's Hi-Line is the expansion of the American Prairie Reserve.  Often taking land out of production agriculture in order to focus on wildlife habitat, the APR has now expanded its acres to above the 300,000 mark with a recent 22,000 acre acquisition.  The details, as they appeared in a July 28 e-Newsletter from the group, are below:

“We’re delighted to announce the recent acquisition of approximately 22,000 acres of habitat, now known as Sun Prairie North. This area is located between several other APR regions and is an important step in our goal of habitat connectivity. It is home to a range of animals like pronghorn, mule deer, elk, prairie dogs, white tail deer, and many species of grassland birds. A large portion of Sun Prairie North is also in a sage grouse core habitat area. Conservation of sage grouse habitat is of great concern due to declining populations across the West.

With this addition, the Reserve now spans more than 300,000 acres! The Reserve team will soon begin to identify opportunities for biodiversity restoration such as restoring native vegetation and removing or changing fences to meet wildlife friendly standards and ease pronghorn migration. To learn how we assess biodiversity in grasslands, please visit the Reports section of the website to read about the Freese Scale.”

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Source:  American Prairie Reserve

Posted by Haylie Shipp

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