American Sheep Industry Association Turns 150!


Sad about not being in Vegas for the NFR?  Join the American Sheep Industry Association as they head to Reno for their 150th celebration!

Serving sheep ranchers for 150 years, the American Sheep Industry Association (ASI) is gearing up for their celebration in Reno, Nevada!  To be held January 28-31 at the JA Nugget Resort and Casino, the ASI has a big convention planned!

Not only will ASI be meeting, but they’ve invited several other related organizations to join them.  They include the National Lamb Feeders Association, National Sheep Industry Improvement Center, American Lamb Board, Western Range Association, National Sheep Improvement Program, National Livestock Producers Association Sheep and Goat Fund Committee, American Goat Federation, Sheep Venture Company, ASI Women, and Make-It-With-Wool National Contestants.

Peter Orwick, Executive Director to the ASI, told Northern Ag in a recent interview that one of the things they’re most excited about is a digital history of ASI’s magazine.  Without missing a month, ASI has been able to recover and digitize every copy ever printed.  Those will be available for folks at the convention to look through.  When asked about what headlines repeated themselves, Orwick told Northern Ag Network that it was easy to see the problems of drought and feed shortages as they made their way through the country.  One surprised him, though.  “Who would’ve ever guessed that in 2014,” Orwick said, “that we would have ranchers dealing with wolves; we thought we had settled that issue 80, 90 years ago.”

Orwick says that they are expecting a large crowd.  Past presidents back to the 70’s and 80’s are already on the list and he says that they’re excited to host those ranchers in Reno.  For more details on this 150th celebration, visit the ASI’s website.



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Haylie Shipp

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