Aphids Spotted in South Dakota Winter Wheat


Article by SDSU iGrow

BROOKINGS, S.D. – Aphids in winter wheat have been reported in Hand County in central South Dakota as well as Hanson, Davidson, and Aurora Counties in the southern portion of the state.

According to Ada Szczepaniec, SDSU Extension Entomology Specialist, numbers were ranging from 6-15 aphids per plant and some visible damage from the aphid feeding was also observed.

“The warm fall weather is likely the culprit,” Szczepaniec  said, encouraging wheat growers to scout emerged winter wheat fields for aphids. “Warm temperatures are forecasted to persist for several more days and aphids are more likely to increase in numbers in these conditions.”

She explained that aphids can survive in whorls of wheat plants for some time when temperatures dip below freezing, but aphid populations will decline quite quickly once nighttime temperatures drop this fall.

The aphids most often reported on wheat were the bird cherry-oat aphids. These are dark green aphids with a brown band running across their abdomens. Szczepaniec said they are usually found at the base of plants at the soil level in the fall. “Bird cherry-oat aphid can transmit Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus and can be a concern in winter wheat,” she said.

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Source:  SDSU Extension

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