ASI Market App Gets an Update


If you are not one of the more than 2,050 people who have downloaded the ASI Market App that was launched in August of last year, there are now more reasons to do so. Additional information is now available through the app. 

A Breakeven Calculator has been added. Want to calculate what your lambs would be worth if they were harvested today – the calculator can give you that “snapshot in time” view. 

“The calculators gives producers the ability to estimate their profit/loss if they were to sell their lambs as feeder lambs or retain ownership through the feed yard,” said Randy Hammerstrom, officer in charge at the Livestock, Poultry and Grain Market News office in Greeley, Colo., who assisted with the development of the application. “The app provides a way for producers to make an informed decision based off factual numbers. 

“I hope the industry will take advantage of this tool,” continued Hammerstrom. “This snapshot in time calculation can provide users with a ballpark idea of what lambs would be worth if they were slaughtered at that point in time. The calculations are not designed to be used as a projection or a forecast.” 

The formula carcass and the negotiated cash numbers utilized in the breakeven calculator are pulled directly from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) National Weekly Slaughter Sheep Review report that is also accessible from the ASI Market App. These numbers are updated every Friday afternoon allowing producers to run the calculations weekly. 

Producers also asked for more Eastern United States auction reports to be available on the app. Your requests were heard and reports from United Producers in Bowling Green, Ky., and Tennessee Livestock Producers in Columbia, Tenn., have been added. 

“There were some limitations on eastern auction reports that could be included in the app,” said Hammerstrom. “In an effort to keep consistency in the data, only sale barns that have USDA reporting are being used in the app.” 

Another upgrade that will prove to be beneficial to users is the ability to link directly from the auction report to the auction barns own webpage. Moving back and forth between data has never been easier. 

Two new reports have been added to the list of national reports. Wool and lamb inventory for each state over the last two years is now available. Also, lamb in cold storage is reported providing current volumes as well as volumes one month prior and one year prior. 

The last addition to mention are the hay reports. 'Good' quality alfalfa hay prices will be reported from sales across the country. At this time, the California report is the only one available but as USDA updates the format on other hay reports, they will be included . 

For Android users, the updated application is now available. The iPhone app will be available the middle of next week. Users will be able to tell they have the new version when a blue rams head replaces the green one.



Source:  American Sheep Industry

Posted by Jami Howell

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