Bighorn Sheep Meeting Held in Denver


Members of the U.S. sheep industry met recently in Denver, CO to discuss a very important issue that’s unfortunately causing a lot of controversy-comingling of domestic sheep and wild sheep.

The American Sheep Industry Association says the meeting drew more than 80 representatives from 16 states and two countries from the domestic sheep industry, wild sheep advocacy groups and representatives of state and federal government agencies to discuss and collaborate on strategies to allow bighorn sheep and domestic sheep to coexist on public lands with the least affect on one another.

Peter Orwick, the Executive Director of the American Sheep Industry says it’s such a big issue for the U.S. sheep industry that they’re working on it full time.


Presentations on the potential diseases that cause bighorn die offs, the possible transmission of those diseases and the latest research on the topic including successful vaccines were offered. In addition, state and federal government agency representatives were on hand to discuss regulations they operate under, their role in bighorn and habitat management, the mapping of bighorn populations and the policies around allotment use.

Presentations from the meeting are available by Clicking Here.

Source: ASI

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