Bill to Limit Land Purchases by FWP


by Brett French, Billings Gazette

HELENA – In a move that has riled sporting groups, Republicans have removed the authority for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks to spend $12.4 million on habitat projects in a bill passed by the House on Wednesday.

The sponsor of House Bill 403, Rep. Dave Hagstrom, R-Billings, said the reasoning behind the decision was that the GOP doesn’t want the state agency buying more land and that there weren’t enough details in how the money might be spent.

“It might get put back in the Senate,” Hagstrom said. “The good thing about the $12 million is it isn’t lost.”

That kind of thinking hasn’t set well with sportsmen.

“It is a huge game and very difficult to figure out what’s going on,” said Joe Perry, a Conrad farmer who has volunteered for several FWP committees.


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Source:  Billings Gazette

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