Wednesday, August 10, 2022

BLM Moves to Dismiss Rancher-Driven Lawsuit


The following is portion of an article from the Elko Daily Free Press:

by Dylan Woolf Harris

ELKO — The federal government responded this week to a lawsuit regarding wild horse management by asking the court to throw the case out.

The Nevada Association of Counties and the Nevada Farm Bureau Federation filed suit in December, arguing that overpopulation of horses was a symptom of the Bureau of Land Management’s negligence to follow the Wild Horse and Burro Act, resulting in damage to the range, wildlife and wild horses.

Elko County pledged to give up to $10,000 to NACO to help pay for the lawsuit, which NACO President Jeff Fontaine had estimated will cost about $90,000.

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Source: Elko Daily Free Press

Posted by Haylie Shipp


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