Canadian Durum Output Expected to Rise 30.2{fe867fa2be02a5a45e8bbb747b653fe2e9d0331fd056b85cd0c1a3542435a96e}


According to a report released Tuesday from Statistics Canada, good mid-summer weather conditions have farmers in Western Canada anticipating increased production of canola as well as higher volumes of barley and wheat compared to 2010.

Canadian farmers expect to produce more wheat in 2011 than last year.  While yields are expected to remain flat at 40.1 bushels per acre, the rise in production was mainly attributable to an increase in durum wheat.  Durum production is expected to increase 30.2{fe867fa2be02a5a45e8bbb747b653fe2e9d0331fd056b85cd0c1a3542435a96e} from 2010.

Despite a lower harvested area compared with 2010, they anticipate that increased yields of barley will lead to a production of 7.9 million metric tons, up 3.8{fe867fa2be02a5a45e8bbb747b653fe2e9d0331fd056b85cd0c1a3542435a96e} or 292,600 metric tons from 2010.

According to the report, farmers in Ontario and Quebec expect lower yields and a smaller crop of corn for grain in 2011, while Quebec farmers anticipate a record soybean production.

CLICK HERE for more on the StatsCanada report.

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Haylie Shipp


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