Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Carry On, Farmer


Check out the great video by promoting their #FarmVoices movement


From the Website:

Who is the FarmOn Foundation?

The FarmOn Foundation is a charitable, Alberta, Canada based organization that was formed in 2008 by a group of young agricultural enthusiasts determined to see the industry thrive and become sustainable for young farmers. Today, FarmOn operates with one sole purpose in mind, to help improve the lives of farmers. Through projects like Farm Masters, #FarmVoices and the Fast Farmer, the FarmOn team works to inspire farmers to think differently.
What is the #FarmVoices Movement?
The #FarmVoices Movement was initiated by FarmOn in 2013 as a way to prompt meaningful conversations and relationship building necessary for young farmers to form a strong rapport with each other and their customers. Young farmers were called on to engage directly with consumers, relaying their own farming stories and reality by posting a photo and a thought to Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter about their experience as a farmer, attaching the hashtag #FARMVOICES. On April 22, 2013, Earth Day, young farmers from across the world did just that, utilizing the power of social media to connect with consumers, creating a media buzz that saw headlines like “Farmers take back Earth Day”. With posts streaming live on the FarmOn website, over 2,000 stories were shared that day, creating a bigger picture of the industry. #FarmVoices proved to be a game changer. It was the first time young farmers came together in mass numbers to unite under one common goal: telling the real story of farming, without a filter. The Movement continues on in 2014, and will once again coincide with Earth Day.
Is #FarmVoices an international movement?
Yes! With #FarmVoices being conducted online, through the power of social media, it proved to be an excellent way for farmers from around the globe to take part. Participants from 23 different countries took part in the storytelling in 2013, and this year should be no exception.
How can I become involved in #FarmVoices?
Becoming involved in the Movement is as simple as being willing to share your story! On April 22, Earth Day, take a photo or video that shows a glimpse of your farming reality, write your thoughts, tag it with the hashtag #FARMVOICES and post it to Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram. It’s that just that easy!

Who can take part in #FarmVoices?
Anybody can take part in #FarmVoices, all types of farmers, agribusiness owners, industry leaders and consumers alike are invited to share in the love on April 22.

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