Cattle Industry Headed for Nashville


The Cattle Industry Convention and NCBA Trade Show is February 1-4, 2012 in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Cattle Industry Convention is the oldest and largest convention for the cattle business. The 2012 convention will be the 114th annual convention. The convention and trade show create a unique, fun environment for cattle industry members to come together to network, create policy for the industry and to have some fun!

Melville, MT rancher Bill Donald is the president of the NCBA and joined Russell Nemetz on television to talk about this year’s convention and also what it’s been like serving as the NCBA president.


If you would like to see a complete schedule of events for the 2012 Cattle Industry Convention and NCBA Trade Show Click Here.

By the way, the Northern Ag Network’s Russell Nemetz will be in Nashville helping the NCBA with their national television program Cattlemen to Cattlemen.

They’ll be bringing you some of the sights and sounds from this year’s convention Janaury 31 and February 1 LIVE on RFD-TV.

Source: NCBA & Northern Ag Network 

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