Changing of the Guard – Meike Brothers Retire


A documentary following the Meike brothers through the last year of their sheep ranching business is in progress. The final product will be an experiential, impressionistic 90-minute narrative documentary that transports its viewers into the remote world of Don and Pete Meike.

The Mieke family has ranched sheep and cattle in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming since 1901. Don and Pete have lived an iconic American dream. Now that they're older, it is much harder for them to keep up this lifestyle and with no one to pass their legacy on to, they will lease out their ranch and sell their flocks within the next year.

The Meike story will also shed light on modern small farm practices and will bring into the conversation of food and sustainability the need for education about animal farmers and ranchers, especially about those who truly care for their animals.

A Kickstarter account to collect donations to help fund this project has been set up. A short video providing additional information about the project as well as an opportunity to donate is available by Clicking Here.

Source: ASI

Posted by Northern Ag Network

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