Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Child bitten by a wolf at Zoo Montana


 A portion of an article by Zach Benoit, Billings Gazette

BILLINGS — One of ZooMontana’s two gray wolves bit a young child on Sunday afternoon.

Jeff Ewelt, the zoo’s executive director, said that the child, who is believed to be 3 years old, managed to get over a secondary fence and approach the main fence, where one of two wolves bit the child and caused what have been described as minor injuries.

“First and foremost, I want to be sure the child is OK,” Ewelt said in a news release. “After this has been established, we need to get down to the root of the issue.”

He said it’s unclear how the child got over the secondary fence. The secondary fence, which he described as a board that sits about the height of the belly of an average adult, surrounds the entire exhibit and keeps visitors at more than arm’s length from the enclosure’s main fence.


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Source: Billings Gazette

Posted by Jami Howell

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