Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Chipotle: U.S. Raised Pork Can’t Use Antibiotics but Imported Pork Can?


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Chipotle Mexican Grill, which stopped serving carnitas temporarily after firing a U.S. pork supplier for not giving its hogs outdoor access, is now importing pork from Karro Food, based in the United Kingdom, to supply most of its Florida restaurants. 

When it comes to antibiotics use, however, Chipotle explained the new supplier does not adhere to the “never ever” standard it demands of its U.S. suppliers.  

Chipotle acknowledged that while Karro’s practices meet its animal welfare standards, their antibiotic use policy differs from the standard Chipotle demands of its U.S. suppliers.

While Chipotle prohibits antibiotics use — even to treat illness in hogs — for the pork they purchase from U.S. suppliers, they allow such antibiotics use by Karro.

In explain this, Chipotle said Karro’s antibiotics use follows European standards that allow for antibiotics to be administered when necessary to keep an animal healthy.

“But this does not mean that antibiotics are present in the meat. All animals treated with antibiotics (both in Europe and the U.S.) must undergo a withdrawal period before they are slaughtered, which means that meat from a pig treated with antibiotics will not contain antibiotic residue, just like meat from an animal that was never given antibiotics,” Chipotle states on its website.

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