Chocolate-Fed Wagyu: The New Luxury Beef


Forbes reports:  

For steak lovers, some key markers of top quality beef often include the terms organic and grass-fed. But according to an Australian cattle farmer at Mayura Station, the new luxury beef is full-blood Wagyu fed with chocolates. 

On average, each animal eats approximately 2 to 4 pounds of ground and partially broken milk chocolates supplied by Cadbury’s every day, along with a mix of gummy bears, strawberries and cream flavored gummy snakes, among other key ingredients. The feed ration was specially developed over two years running a total of 24 taste tests with a panel of four experts before coming up with the final ration.

The original idea came about in 1998 when Scott de Bruin—Managing Partner of Mayura station returned to the farm in  Australia, wanting to do something new and unique to revamp the brand. His father Adrian—Founder of the company was one of the first cattle farmer’s in Australia importing and breeding full-blood wagyu cattle from Japan. 

Although the luxury beef brought Mayura Station much critical and financial success, they didn't realize the importance of chocolate in the feed rations until they removed it in 2010.  Shortly after, the  Mayura Station started receiving calls from long-term customers unhappy with the change in flavor of the steaks.  As a result, the luxury cattle farm reverted to including chocolates once again.  

The luxury beef commands a luxury price as well.   A typical steak made with Mayura Station’s beef retails around $288 for a 10.5oz-steak!


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