Saturday, February 4, 2023

Clock Winding Down for Child Labor Comments


As we first reported late this summer, the Department of Labor is currently taking public comment on a proposal that would dramatically change the law for children doing agricultural work.  Along with no longer allowing children under 16 to herd livestock on horseback, the proposal also aims to keep children under 18 from being employed in grain elevators, feedlots and stockyards.  There is an exemption for children that are working for a farm or ranch directly owned by their parents.

After one extension, the comment period for this proposal is set to close on December 1, 2011.

To get the answers for WHY the Department is proposing these changes, the list of WHAT jobs are considered too hazardous, more detail on WHO would be affected and the information on HOW to post your comments by that deadline, please read “No Feedlots, Chasing Cows or Tractors for Kids?”

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Haylie Shipp



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