Company Says American Prairie Safari Won’t Run


9/7/11 UPDATE:  The Yellowstone Safari Company has let interested parties know in an email that they have decided not to run this year’s American Prairie Safari.  However, they were still able to give an itinerary of the trip (read that here) and say that they “certaintly plan on it for next year.”



A five day “safari” through north-central and northeast Montana for $2,350 per person?  That’s based on double occupancy, but with a partnership between the American Prairie Foundation and the Yellowstone Safari Company, that is exactly what you can get!

For folks not familiar with the American Prairie Foundation (APF), the group is working to create a multi-million acre wildlife reserve stretching across a wide swath of Montana’s Hi-Line.  According to their website, APF currently owns and/or leases 123,000 acres of deeded and public land. Additionally, the ranches APF has purchased have historically held grazing privileges on 63,000+ acres in the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge.

Their overall goal, again, it to have a multi-million acre reserve, so they’re still actively searching for where else and who else that land is going to come from as they try to create something similar to the way it would have been when Lewis and Clark came through.

For details on the vacation package that was featured in a recent New York Times article, CLICK HERE.

For more on the APF’s plans, funding and location, VISIT THEIR WEBSITE.

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Haylie Shipp


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