Consumers Paying Less for Meat at the Grocery Store


MeatingPlace reports: 

Consumer prices for meats, poultry, fish and eggs fell 0.4 percent in December, dragging the U.S. food at home index to its eighth consecutive decrease on a seasonally adjusted basis, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said.

Beef prices fell 0.8 percent in December from November, and the index for eggs decreased 3.9 percent.
The cost of all food consumed at home fell 0.2 percent, while the price for food away from home climbed 0.2 percent. 

In other protein categories, pork prices fell 0.2 percent overall as pork chops declined 1.7 percent and ham fell 0.9 percent. Prices for bacon and pork roasts increased.
Beef declines were led by roasts at down 2.2 percent and ground beef at down 1.7 percent and steaks at down 0.8 percent.



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