Court Briefs filed in COOL Case


This Country of Origin Labeling lawsuit is separate from the ongoing WTO issues surrounding COOL.

The following news article is from the NAFB News Service:

Court briefs were filed earlier this week in the litigation over Country of Origin Labeling. Meatingplace reports in the American Meat Institute vs. USDA case the meat industry contends USDA exceeded the intent of Congress in the law. That case is separate from the ongoing issues surrounding COOL at the World Trade Organization. The industry had sought a rehearing by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. Meat industry representatives lost their appeal seeking a preliminary injunction blocking implementation of the COOL rule. The case was a split decision based on interpretation of First Amendment law as it applies to commercial speech.

USDA filed an opposition brief arguing that “the panel decision was correct and presents no issue of exceptional importance that would warrant review by the full Court.” The United States Cattlemen’s Association, part of a group that intervened for the defendants, also filed a brief contending the case is “not a case of exceptional importance.”


Source: NAFB News Service
Posted by Haylie Shipp



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