Cowboy Classic


Welcome to the 6th Annual Cowboy Classic Bull Sale

I hope everyone has been able to participate in this past year’s excellent cattle prices. We appreciate your time in previewing this year’s sale offering.

Our offering has a good selection of light to moderate birth weight yearling bulls, many of which will make excellent heifer bulls. The SAV Final Answer 0035 & GDAR Game Day 449 sons are both from well documented, high accuracy sires. They transmit great calving-ease and the daughters we have from them look to have nicked well with our cows.

SAV Pioneer 7301, a Final Answer 0035 son, is also well represented in this offering and we really like the calves he is leaving us.

We have cut deep into our brood cows to have this selection of females for the sale. Some will have AI calves at their side and some others are natural-bred to our SD Powder Horn X803 bull. This bull will really add pounds and thickness for you at weaning with moderate

With last year’s cold calving season, we lost some ears on several calves despite our best efforts. We guarantee all our cattle to your satisfaction and these “short eared” yearlings are, of course, included. Some represent excellent heifer bull selections and should not be overlooked.

Again, thank you for your interest in this sale and your past confidence in our program. Please feel free to contact us at any time to view our cow herd and operation, as well as with any questions or concerns you might have.

Office: 307-674-0848
Home: 307-674-6947

Very Best Regards,
Pete & Lucy


At this sale, you will find a great group of dedicated Angus Breeders and friends, all with distinguished programs, but all have a common goal and that is to produce only top-notch progeny to meet the real world demands of our customer’s goals. Sarah and I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of our past buyers for your investment and belief in our program. There is nothing more humbling than to see a buyer (you) return year after year and select a bull that we have raised because the previous SCC bulls worked so well in your program.

This year’s bull battery is a set of very complete and balanced bulls. They are big topped, deep bodied, and some of the most functional and well-mannered you will find anywhere. A ranch’s profitability always starts with a live calf on the ground and a good momma Angus cow that takes care of that calf, that’s why at Swenson Cattle Company we have a set standard on calving ease and disposition. Over 80{18648621dc58566f60964eb5074c58f5f97501fe95033d5d25ee4862e704a74a} of our bulls are suitable for heifers. Now if we could only breed to guarantee calves born in the sunlight, life would be grand.

Again, we developed the bulls at home. This enables the whole family to be involved in the daily business, and also allows us the opportunity to see the genetic match we selected develop step by step. If a bull doesn’t meet our strict performance and disposition requirements, they are culled to the steer pen. It gives us a great sense of pride watching them develop and seeing how our children love being a part of the Angus business and how hard work and sweat can be rewarding.

Our program starts with and depends on a really good cow. They need to make a living in some of the roughest country God created, summering in the Missouri River breaks of central Montana on the beautiful Moline Ranch. This summer was a little different as we started off really wet early spring, but the rains shut off and it turned dry very early summer and you couldn’t buy a drop of rain til the 2nd week of September when we got 3 inches in 2 days. It was a blessing to see, but just to late to do much good for summer grass. The cows and calves still did well in such dry conditions.

Our sire groups this year, are some of the best and highly proven in our herd. After careful study, we tried a new sire, Conneally Calvary 1149. He is a son of the calving ease, performance sire Conneally Consensus 7229, and is Accelerated Genetics top A.I sire. These calves have been impressive since birth with light birth weights and explosive growth. At weaning time the Cavalry sons and daughters were by far the heaviest sire group. Many who seen these calves said “Wow, those calves are really nice!” Deep, thick, muscled, conformation, all in a moderate frame.

We look forward to seeing you on sale day.  Please feel free to give us a shout anytime or just drop by.

Andy and Sarah Swenson and Family


Thank you for your patronage and we hope you find the bull power you are looking for in this offering.

Thanks to the Buffalo Livestock for the use of their fine facilities for this sale and a big round of thanks to the other astute Angus Breeders included in this sale. Everyone has made a great commitment to ensure that this sale is a success and that you get the bulls that will help improve your herd. We are also thankful for all the moisture we have had this past year. We are most thankful to you, our customers.

What a wonderful time to be in the cattle business! Cattle prices are at or near all time highs, a record breaking calf market, and they appear to be staying high for the foreseeable future. Now is a great time to trade up to the latest bull power available and purchase those genetics that will help provide for your future in the cattle business.

As you look over our offering, remember that the information in this catalog can tell only part of the story. To fully test something you need to experience it yourself. So, if you want to look at our bulls in person, they can be seen at the Buffalo Livestock yards at least one day prior to our sale date. Please feel free to examine our product.

Our bulls will give you top quality steers that demand premiums paid; and moderate sized replacement heifers that will excel in fleshing ability, udder and carcass quality, fertility, calving ease and explosive growth. All our bulls in this offering have been ultrasound for ribeye size and marbleing.

Our philosophy is to raise bulls that are very functional. They must have great feet and are docile. Scrotal circumference is extremely important to early maturity and calving ease for heifers. We strive to raise bulls with large scrotals. Our cows calve outside in February. Our calves must have a lot of vigor to get up out of the snow and nurse.

Our entire herd has been tested and is BVD PI Free.

Feed efficiency is becoming more important and high feed costs are a major concern to most cattlemen. inding ways to reduce those costs can be a challenge and our bulls convert feed in an efficient manner.

We continue to support the agriculture community youth through the
NILE Merit Heifer Program. We have been blessed by providing young energetic youth who are starting their foundation herds thru the use of Oedekoven Angus females. Last year’s recipient was Kolby Dietz from Montana. This year’s recipient is Konner Knotwell from Encampment, Wyoming.
Visit us on our website at to learn more about our livestock.

David and Diana Oedekoven


We would like to thank all of our past, present and future customers. We would also like to thank everyone in the Cowboy Classic Angus Bull Sale for giving us the opportunity to be in this sale.

We have been blessed to be able to do what we love to do, and we were also blessed with a great year with ots of rain and great prices to go with it. We take pride in raising cattle that will do well on grass and will still work for our customer’s. We had a good year and our calf weights reflect that. We stress raising cattle that are moderate in size but still raise a big calf and breed back on time. We do not creep feed our calves. We also stress gentle cattle that are easy to work with. We try to breed for a certain type of cow and try to not chase the fads. I think you will see this in our bulls as they are all ver y similar in their type. We have several half brothers and some 3/4 brothers. If you are looking for an angus bull with lots of natural muscle, volume and length, not fed on fluff , then these are for you. We think this is the best set of bulls we have ever raised.

We developed our own bulls this year at home again. They are fed a high roughage ration with no silage of any kind. The bulls have been doing great on feed and we feel confident that they will go right on and perform well. We feel we have a bull that will fit any ones needs.

Feel free to contact us at any time by phone 307-736-2327 (H) 307-351-0794 (cell) or e-mail

God Bless America!!!
Kelby , Lacey, Shayna and Clancy


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