Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Crop Progress Makes Leaps & Bounds*


While parts of region did receive record rainfall last week with Glendive, MT reporting 3.92 inches of precipitation in the seven days ending Sunday, quite a bit of progress still took place in the fields.  The statewide summaries below are based on numbers from the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service Field Offices in each state.

Montana:  Thirty-seven percent of the spring wheat crop is now planted compared to last week’s 18{dfeadfe70caf58f453a47791a362966239aaa64624c42b982d70b175f7e3dda2} and last year’s 78{dfeadfe70caf58f453a47791a362966239aaa64624c42b982d70b175f7e3dda2}.  Sugarbeets are now 72{dfeadfe70caf58f453a47791a362966239aaa64624c42b982d70b175f7e3dda2} planted compared to the 5-year average of 93{dfeadfe70caf58f453a47791a362966239aaa64624c42b982d70b175f7e3dda2} at this time of year.  Barley is 54{dfeadfe70caf58f453a47791a362966239aaa64624c42b982d70b175f7e3dda2} planted, half of dry peas were in the ground as of this past Sunday and 27{dfeadfe70caf58f453a47791a362966239aaa64624c42b982d70b175f7e3dda2} of durum wheat has been seeded.  See full report…

Wyoming:  Barley seeding is above average in the Cowboy State with 86{dfeadfe70caf58f453a47791a362966239aaa64624c42b982d70b175f7e3dda2} of the crop in the ground.  While that is really the only crop ahead of last year, spring wheat planting is nearly caught up to average with 56{dfeadfe70caf58f453a47791a362966239aaa64624c42b982d70b175f7e3dda2} now planted.  Fifty-nine percent of sugarbeets are in the ground.  This compares with 90{dfeadfe70caf58f453a47791a362966239aaa64624c42b982d70b175f7e3dda2} last year.  See full report…

South Dakota:  Eighty-four percent of South Dakota’s projected spring wheat acres are now planted.  This is now only slightly behind the 5-year average of 93{dfeadfe70caf58f453a47791a362966239aaa64624c42b982d70b175f7e3dda2}.  Thirty-six percent of that crop has emerged.  Barley is 59{dfeadfe70caf58f453a47791a362966239aaa64624c42b982d70b175f7e3dda2} seeded compared to the 81{dfeadfe70caf58f453a47791a362966239aaa64624c42b982d70b175f7e3dda2} five-year average.  Forty-four percent of the state’s corn has been planted.  See full report…

North Dakota:  A mere 15{dfeadfe70caf58f453a47791a362966239aaa64624c42b982d70b175f7e3dda2} of North Dakota’s spring wheat has been planted.  This compares with last year’s 66{dfeadfe70caf58f453a47791a362966239aaa64624c42b982d70b175f7e3dda2} and the five-year 68{dfeadfe70caf58f453a47791a362966239aaa64624c42b982d70b175f7e3dda2} average.  Barley planting is now 6{dfeadfe70caf58f453a47791a362966239aaa64624c42b982d70b175f7e3dda2} complete when 2/3 of the crop would normally be in the ground by this time of year.  And, while all sugarbeets were planted in the state at this time last year, only 27{dfeadfe70caf58f453a47791a362966239aaa64624c42b982d70b175f7e3dda2} have been planted so far this year.  See full report…


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