Crump Red Angus


Thank you for considering a bull from Crump Red Angus – we appreciate your interest in our program! 

Name a breed of cattle that is in demand from Canada to Mexico because it works in any environment. Name a breed of cattle that can produce sale topping steers due to their gainability and carcass traits while at the same time producing heifer mates that outsell those steers. Name a breed of cattle that produces balanced traits in all areas without the need for cross breeding. If a beef producer does choose to crossbreed, name one breed that compliments any other breed. The only breed that answers each and every one of these descriptions all at once is Red Angus. We are the Crump family and we are proud to be Red Angus producers. 

The Red Angus breed has been focused on maternal traits since it’s inception and the board implemented the Total Herd Reporting requirement on every cow active in a producers inventory shortly thereafter. As a result of this solid foundation, wherever Red Angus breeders across our nation are found you can be sure to find a quality set of animals. The decision in choosing a seed stock producer, therefore, should be based on finding a breeder with similar goals as you who raises cattle in country similar to where your cattle will run under feed conditions similar to what your management provides so that you can be confident that the performance observed in bulls that you are interested in will be most likely to emanate in your herd. 

We run our cattle in large pastures in the rough Powder River breaks. It goes without saying, then, that structural correctness and good feet are imperative and nature generally does the culling for us as it relates to these traits. The profitability of anyone who uses our genetics is first and foremost in our minds. By making our cows work for us instead of us working for them, we are ensuring that cattle with traits relative to our customers profitability will rise to the top while higher maintenance/lesser producing cattle fall out and their genetics are not passed on. 

There are several bulls in the offering that we would like to sample in the 2016 breeding season. These bulls will be collected at our expense and your convenience prior to delivery. Videos of our bulls can be found at or by clicking on the link on our website. Carcass ultrasound data for the bulls and heifers will also be available on our website prior to the sale, in a supplemental spreadsheet on sale day or contact us after February 10th and we would be happy to mail or e-mail a copy. 

Sale day weekend is going to be FUN!!! The bulls will be sorted and available for viewing on Friday and we will have refreshments available all day. CrissCross Chaos will be there all day Friday and Saturday with a unique line of ladies clothing – shopping and business all in one stop! If you are coming into town the night before the sale, come join us for a complimentary supper from 6:00 to 8:00 at the Bozeman Trail Steakhouse just west of the interstate in Buffalo on the south side of Hart Street. Kids are the future of the livestock industry and they are welcome at our sale. We have desserts that they like, drinks and tables their size and will be giving a heifer to one of them at the end of the sale. 

Crump Red Angus is a combination of two things we enjoy the most – raising our family and Red Angus cattle in North East Wyoming – and what we do enables us to live a life we love. Your success is our future. Our bulls are backed by the best guarantee in the business. We are very confident in our bulls and unconditionally guarantee your success and satisfaction with them. You will not find better customer service anywhere. We appreciate your consideration and do not take your business for granted. 


The Crump Family

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