Monday, September 25, 2023

Deer Disease Found in North Dakota Cattle


The following is a press release from the ND Department of Agriculture:

BISMARCK – A form of an infectious and often fatal disease usually associated with deer has been found in North Dakota cattle.  “Epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD) has been confirmed in three head of cattle in Morton and Grant counties,” said Dr. Susan Keller, North Dakota state veterinarian Tuesday. “Although infected cattle usually recover from this disease, producers should be aware of its symptoms.”

Keller urged livestock producers to contact their veterinarians if their animals display oral erosions or lameness. She emphasized the disease poses no threat to human health.    

A viral disease, EHD primarily attacks wild ruminants, such as deer, bighorn sheep and antelope, but can also affect domestic animals – cattle, sheep and goats. It is spread by midges, tiny, biting flies of the genus Culocoides.

Although EHD is often fatal to deer, its effect on cattle is usually much less severe. Infected animals may show some lameness and sore mouths. Closely related to, but different than bluetongue, EHD exists in several serotypes. The affected North Dakota cattle have been diagnosed with EHD2.

Source:  North Dakota Department of Agriculture

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