Dry Outlook for the Rest of 2020


After passing the halfway point of 2020, producers are gearing up for the back half of summer and looking for any indicators of what fall and winter could bring. Brian Bledsoe, Meteorologists for Weather 5280 and KKTV in Colorado Spring, Colorado, provides his Long-Range Forecast through the beginning of 2021.

In his predictions, Bledsoe gives an update on weather conditions to expect from July 2020 into January of 2021. He uses two weather models, the North American Multi-Model Ensemble and the European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts model, to show the expected forecast across the United States. Watch Bledsoe give his Long-Range Weather Forecast here, courtesy of AgRisk Advisors.


Above: Brian Bledsoe explains what Northern Ag country should expect in nearby forecast. Video courtesy of AgRisk Advisors

What to watch for in the forecast:

  • Expect a weak La Nina, cooling of the Pacific Ocean off the West Coast
  • Average precipitation is expected through July
  • Drier weather than usual for Fall
  • PNW in drought, Montana recovers more quickly
  • Wyoming likely to remain in drought through the Fall


AgRisk Advisors

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