Farm Radio Connects with Farmers and Ranchers


PLATTE CITY, Missouri (March 3, 2015) – Farmers and ranchers continue to count on farm radio to keep them informed of current agriculture news and commodity markets. Research conducted by Ipsos Research for the National Association of Farm Broadcasting during the 2014 Harvest confirms 84 percent of the respondents find their local farm broadcaster and farm news information important in their daily operation decisions. 

“There is a strong connection to the everyday tasks farmers and ranchers perform to the daily programming of farm broadcasters,” says Tom Brand, NAFB Executive Director. “Our member stations and networks develop programming based on audience needs in their listening area. That is the power of radio and farm broadcasting.”

Radio programming content and time of day drive radio listening habits throughout the day and year. Research shows farm radio listening habits strong throughout the U.S. starting in the morning through the afternoon and until the close of markets. Daily radio listening habits are similar throughout the year and similar from coast to coast. Research also observed programming content is a key factor to the listening decision. Farm broadcasters continue to develop and produce meaningful content that resonates with local listeners. 

“NAFB members go where the news is, farm broadcasters report live from multiple events every day,” says Brand. “Farm broadcasters provide current, up-to-the minute news to radio listeners on more than 1,300 stations nationwide.”

Farmers and ranchers cited multiple unaided reasons for listening to the local broadcasters; including current prices, markets, convenience, local information, weather, news, local news and broadcaster. Radio continues to be a strong player in connecting advertisers with the agricultural industry. The NAFB Planner,, assists media planners and buyers with finding stations and networks in a targeted geography. 

NAFB members continue to play a vital role in connecting farmers and ranchers with farm news and ag information. Listeners rely on market information and industry news to stay connected to the agriculture industry. 




Source:  NAFB

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