Farmer’s Business Network Creates Exclusive E-Commerce Offer for Farms


Farmer's Business Network, Inc. announced a partnership with Amazon Business that will provide more than 7,600 FBN members with exclusive deals and discounts while shopping on Amazon Business.

FBN members who register for a free Amazon Business account will have access to a shopping experience tailored to farmers, including a suite of business-specific purchasing tools. FBN members who sign up for Amazon Business before March 12, 2019 will receive an exclusive introductory discount providing 20 percent off their first $500 spent on eligible items.

The partnership complements the leading digital farm-input e-commerce system, FBN Direct, with the broad array of farm goods, maintenance and repair items (MRO), office supplies and more that are available on Amazon Business.

“FBN has been able to dramatically reduce farmers seed and chemical costs. By partnering with Amazon Business, our members can now save on a huge range of daily essential products for their farms,” said Charles Baron, co-founder and VP of Product, FBN. “Farmers are family entrepreneurs, yet have lacked the state of the art purchasing systems of other businesses – we're proud to be changing that.”

The partnership with Amazon Business furthers FBN's unique approach to serving farmers, one which relies on prices transparency, facilitating competition for farmer's business, and always putting Farmers First.

Farmers interested in enrolling in the FBN program should contact FBN at or (844) 200-FARM for rapid enrollment.


Source: Farmers Business Network

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