FDA Moves to Take Trans Fat Out of Food


The following is portion of an article from USA Today:


by Elizabeth Weise


The Food and Drug Administration is beginning a process that will take artificial trans fat entirely out of the food supply, a move hailed as “lifesaving” by health experts.


FDA is “responding to the fact that the science really demonstrates that trans fat provides no known health benefit and that there really is no safe level of consumption of trans fat,” said FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg. “Consumption should be as low as possible while consuming a nutritionally adequate diet.”


Trans fat is also known as partially hydrogenated oils or vegetable shortening. It is made by bubbling hydrogen through hot vegetable oil. This chemically converts the liquid oil into a fat that is solid at room temperature.


Food manufacturers use hydrogenated vegetable oils for texture, to increase product shelf life and keep flavors stable. It is most commonly used in some baked goods, canned frosting, stick margarine, coffee creamers and microwave popcorn, said Hamburg.


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Source:  USA Today

Posted by Haylie Shipp

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