Feeding with Horsepower


Check out this great video of Robert Dennis from South Dakota feeding his cows round bales using his team of Halflingers and a hydraulic bale unroller he made himself.  According to Dennis, this is the second one he's made.  The first didn't have hydraulics but as the bales kept getting heavier, he decided to redesign. For this particular design, only the arms are hydraulic.  Dennis uses a cable winch to raise and lower the bale

Dennis has fed with a team, off and on for 35 years.  He started out pitching hay, then switched to round bales.  Now he does have a tractor but says he prefers using the team.  They don't need plugged in on those cold South Dakota morning and he enjoys getting good exercise with them.  Dennis has found with this rig and the hay being close to the cattle, it is pretty easy for one man to feed at least 500 head.

If you have any questions on just how he designed this great set up, feel free to contact him at rdennis@gwtc.net

Post by Robert Dennis.





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