Few Answers in the Death of Idaho Rancher


by Katy Moeller, Idaho Statesman


Many are wondering whether there is video evidence available that can help investigators sort out exactly what happened after a Subaru station wagon collided with a bull north of Council on U.S. 95 on Sunday evening.

All that has been released are the bare basics: Two Adams County deputies responded to the crash, the rancher who owned the bull was called to the scene, and all three fired their weapons. Rancher Jack Yantis, 62, died at the scene.

Adams County Sheriff Ryan Zollman told the Statesman that there were two body cameras worn by the deputies and one vehicle dash camera at the scene. The dash camera, however, was not even on; Zollman didn’t say whether the deputies’ body cameras recorded the incident.

Idaho State Police spokeswoman Teresa Baker was not able to verify how many cameras might have captured what happened.

Zollman told the Statesman earlier this week that the Adams County Sheriff’s Office has received angry calls and threats since Sunday, and a crisis management team will be coming to assist the staff.

ISP officials said they are conducting an investigation of the shooting “to determine exactly what transpired.”

“The scene has been processed and ISP detectives are continuing to conduct interviews and are methodically examining each piece of evidence,” the news release said. “Physical evidence will be sent to forensic labs for analysis in hopes of revealing further facts that will help piece together the events that unfolded that night.”

State police said forensic testing takes time, and they will not be commenting or releasing any more information until the investigation is complete. They asked for the public’s patience.

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A GoFundMe account has been created to help the Yantis family. So far, 105 people have donated almost $7,000 to help with expenses from this tragedy.  Jack Yantis’ wife, Donna, had a heart attack after the shooting. According to family member Beth Paradis, she was with her husband on the highway when the gunfire occurred.  The family expects Donna to be released from the hospital soon, possibly this weekend.



Source:  Idaho Statesman



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