Wednesday, October 4, 2023

FWP Opens Wildlife Management Areas for Emergency Haying and Grazing

by Colter Brown

FWP has released a decision notice and final environmental assessment that supports proceeding with emergency haying and grazing leases on select wildlife management areas. The primary purpose of these leases is to enhance wildlife habitat and to benefit local producers.

Producers are only eligible for lease opportunities that occur in their county or, in some cases, adjacent counties. If there is an absence of interest within eligible counties, producers from surrounding counties will be given consideration.  Most counties do not have a lease opportunity. All lease opportunities require services in place of a cash rent payment, which may include supplying and erecting electric fence, establishing a water tank and hauling water, repairing fences, clearing haying sites, ongoing fence maintenance and livestock containment.

After reviewing the information packet and associated responsibilities, producers who wish to participate further will be asked to fill out an online form no later than 5 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 1. Lessees will be selected randomly on Sept. 2. All participants will be notified of results.


Figure 1. Wildlife Management Areas involved in the proposed action. Each of these properties are proposed for one or more emergency haying or grazing lease.


Click on the following links to view the Decision Notice and public comments and Final Environmental Assessment.

FWP invites parties who may have an interest in one or more of the leases to review the final EA documents and request further information on specific leases by sending an email to: (preferred) or by contacting 406-444-2612.




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