Grizzly Bears Killing More Livestock in 2015


HELENA, Mont. (AP) — Growing numbers of grizzly bears venturing east from the Rocky Mountains are attacking more domestic cattle and sheep.

Montana's livestock-loss program has reimbursed ranchers for 42 animals killed by grizzlies so far this year — eight more than in all of 2014, not counting the 22 cattle lost this year to bears that have not yet been claimed.

Wyoming officials expect a less drastic increase in livestock attacks and the range of roaming by grizzly bears this year. “We're having what I guess you would call a steady increase in livestock depredation as grizzly population and area expand,” said Brian DeBolt, Wyoming's large carnivore conflict coordinator.

This is only the third year Montana has offered financial relief to ranchers who lose livestock to grizzlies, but Edwards said the state has long been encouraging people to report bears' interactions with livestock.


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Source:  The Montana Standard

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