Grizzly Shot After Killing Sheep on Montana Ranch


Associated Press reports:


GREAT FALLS — Wildlife authorities shot and killed a female grizzly bear after she twice killed sheep on a ranch southeast of Valier.

Fish, Wildlife and Parks grizzly bear manager Mike Madel said federal wildlife officials shot the 6-year-old bear from a helicopter Sunday as it was bedded down near the west shore of Lake Frances, with is southwest of Valier.

The bear and two cubs were relocated to the North Fork of the Flathead River area last July after killing sheep on the ranch. The 350-pound bear returned this year, without her cubs, and killed more sheep.

Madel said wildlife officials have captured and relocated three grizzly bears along the Rocky Mountain Front this spring, while one grizzly was shot in self-defense east of Choteau.


Northern Ag reported on Tuesday that this bear had killed over 40 sheep on Don Sporleder's ranch outside Valier, MT.  CLICK HERE to read more.  

Photo credits:  Yellowstone National Park Photo

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