How Many Wolves Will Montana Hunt?


Montana’s Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commission is meeting today in Big Sky.

The FWP Commissioners are making a number of final decisions, including acquisition of a fishing access site on Big Spring Creek near Lewistown and a temporary waiver of fishing limits on lakes in the South Fork Flathead drainage, Cherry and Granite Lakes in FWP Region 1.

Other final decisions will be made on:

  • 2011 deer, elk and antelope quotas outside biennial quota ranges; the nongame check-off work plan;
  • 2011 fall upland game bird quotas and limits;
  • 2011 hunting access agreements;
  • 2011 wolf hunting seasons, quotas and hunting district boundaries; the upland game bird strategic plan; a fire road restoration project at Fish Creek Wildlife Management Area; and  a conservation easement along the Missouri River near Ulm.

The commissioners will also hear about the scoping process for biennial regulations and the proposed 2011 early season migratory bird regulations.

CLICK HERE to listen to today’s meeting live.  It is underway now!


Source:  Montana FWP

Posted by Haylie Shipp



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