How Much Fieldwork Took Place Before Rain?


While we are still substantially behind for crop progress, the last week did allow some activity in the fields before moisture started dumping on parts of our region.  The map below depicts estimates for rainfall in the 24 hours following 6 a.m. MST on Tuesday.  CLICK HERE for more weather information.

A total of 11{dfeadfe70caf58f453a47791a362966239aaa64624c42b982d70b175f7e3dda2} of Montana’s spring wheat crop was planted in the just the past week, moving the grand total up to 18{dfeadfe70caf58f453a47791a362966239aaa64624c42b982d70b175f7e3dda2}.  The five-year average is to have 61{dfeadfe70caf58f453a47791a362966239aaa64624c42b982d70b175f7e3dda2} of the crop planted by now.  Forty-seven percent of sugarbeets are in the ground, 29{dfeadfe70caf58f453a47791a362966239aaa64624c42b982d70b175f7e3dda2} of barley has been seeded.  Only 3{dfeadfe70caf58f453a47791a362966239aaa64624c42b982d70b175f7e3dda2} of the winter wheat is still dormant, 28{dfeadfe70caf58f453a47791a362966239aaa64624c42b982d70b175f7e3dda2} of the crop is greening and 68{dfeadfe70caf58f453a47791a362966239aaa64624c42b982d70b175f7e3dda2} is greening and growing.   See full report…

Producers in Wyoming made great strides in planting sugarbeets over the past week.  A quarter of Wyoming’s total sugarbeet acreage was planted in the seven days ending Sunday.  That’s now about halfway done.  Barley is actually ahead of normal in the Cowboy State with 82{dfeadfe70caf58f453a47791a362966239aaa64624c42b982d70b175f7e3dda2} of the projected acreage planted.  See full report…

Although light, North Dakota is finally seeing a bit of activity.  Seven percent of North Dakota spring wheat is now planted, up from last week’s 1{dfeadfe70caf58f453a47791a362966239aaa64624c42b982d70b175f7e3dda2}.  This is still a far cry from the 52{dfeadfe70caf58f453a47791a362966239aaa64624c42b982d70b175f7e3dda2} seeded at this time last year.  Fourteen percent of sugarbeets have been planted.  Last year that number was 99{dfeadfe70caf58f453a47791a362966239aaa64624c42b982d70b175f7e3dda2}.  See full report…

Warmer temperatures also allowed some planting to progress in South Dakota.  Fifty-nine percent of spring wheat has been seeded.  That’s compared to the five-year average of having 85{dfeadfe70caf58f453a47791a362966239aaa64624c42b982d70b175f7e3dda2} of the crop in by this time of year.  Barley progress, at 28{dfeadfe70caf58f453a47791a362966239aaa64624c42b982d70b175f7e3dda2} seeded, is quite a ways behind the 5-year average of 67{dfeadfe70caf58f453a47791a362966239aaa64624c42b982d70b175f7e3dda2} .  See full report…

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