Friday, September 29, 2023

How to Winterize your Farm and Ranch Equipment Tires


Leif Bakken interviews Bradley Harris from Firestone Ag:



Beware of Stubble

Field stubble can cause massive damage to your tires. Corn stubble will be more harmful than wheat stubble, but any farmer should seek out stubble shoes to use on the front of their tractor to push the stubble down before the tire has to go over them. If you are concerned about ground compaction there are special varieties of FirestoneAg tires which can help address this problem.

Check Tire Pressure

The inflation pressure in a tire can cause ground compaction. The more you can reduce the inflation pressure to carry the load the less ground compaction you will see. You also don’t want to under-inflate a tire as this can cause damage to the actual tire. Know your axle load by going to

Store for Winter

You will want to go ahead and fill the tires up completely before storing. Tires naturally lose pressure over time so inflating to their max will prevent you from having a flat tire when you go to take the tractor out of the shop in the spring.


For more tips and advice on making your tires last visit your local Firestone Ag Dealer at a Tire Rama near you.

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