Immigration Reform Labeled Dead


The following article is from the NAFB News Service:

According to the Washington Post, lawmakers on both sides of the immigration reform issue have said immigration is effectively dead until after President Obama leaves office even though the President called immigration reform his top priority for his second term. 

Friday marked a year since the Senate approved a comprehensive immigration bill on a bipartisan vote with no progress evident in the House and few working days left to approve legislation.

Illinois Representative Luis Gutierrez says nothing is going to happen and Arizona Senator Jeff Flake says changes of advancing legislation in the House are next to zero, which he says is a shame. 

Lawmakers and immigration reform advocates say Representative Eric Cantor’s loss in his primary election and a new crisis on the Mexican border are partly to blame for the inevitable delay of immigration reform as House Republicans have labeled both situations as evidence that the time isn’t right for this type of reform.


Source: NAFB News Service

Posted by Haylie Shipp



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