In Billings, Western Sugar Fires Up


Nearly two weeks ahead of the 2013 start, beet harvest is underway in the Yellowstone Valley.

The following is portion of an article from the Billings Gazette:

by Tom Lutey

HUNTLEY — It was barely noon and already 94 farm trucks had unloaded sugar beets at the Huntley pile — 1,700 tons — and another 10 trucks were waiting to feed the conveyor.

There would be no lunch break, just load after load of sugar beets from field to truck scale. The farm dirt from the field trucks’ treads rubbed beige stripes into Old Highway 312.

In Billings, the sugar factory smoke stacks had just a slight curl of white steam as Western Sugar Cooperative fired up for one of its earliest starts in recent years. Tuesday’s harvest was nearly two weeks ahead of the 2013 start.

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Source:  Billings Gazette

Posted by Haylie Shipp



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