Kubota Orange Enters the Haying Market


There’s a new name in the haying equipment world and the color on the side is bright orange.  After acquiring Kverneland Group in May of 2012 and, with that, its factories in Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Italy, Russia, and China, Kubota entered the U.S. hay market in 2013 and came in with a bigger splash here in 2014.  

David Palmer is the Senior Product Manager for Implements for Kubota Tractor Corporation.  He told Northern Ag Network in a recent interview that the company sees a lot of growth in the agricultural sector.  “That’s the future for us,” said Palmer.  He added that they want to be a full-line supplier of agricultural products to their dealers and customers.

Now offering a full range of haying products, Palmer explained that Kubota is selling everything from disc mowers and disc mower conditioners to rotary rakes and tedders, balers, and wrappers.  (CLICK HERE for the full selection of products.)

What’s more, Palmer told Northern Ag, is that they’re hands-on when it comes to innovation as well, understanding the changing needs of the haying industry.  Time is money and their engineers have kept that in mind.  Palmer joked that the problem would be staying in the tractor seat with as fast as you can pull some of the equipment.  He also encouraged anyone in the haying business to keep a watchful eye on what Kubota brings out in the next few years, adding that they have some fun, new technology that they’ve been working on.

Along with the new side of Kubota, Palmer says they’ve also seen a change at the company.  “Farmers don’t bale from 8 to 5,” explained Palmer.  Because of that, he says the company has adapted to make sure they’ve stepped up to provide needed around-the-clock support.



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Haylie Shipp

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