Larry Licking Recognized as Top Cowboy


This past Saturday the nation celebrated the National Day of the Cowboy. Northern Ag Network asked our Facebook audience to submit a photo of the best cowboy they know and to tell us what it means to be a cowboy, and the submission with the most comments won a NAN hat and mug.

Deb Brown submitted the winning entry with a picture of her husband, Larry Licking!

Larry Licking turns 79 in October and calls the Long Pines Land and Livestock operation home. The ranch can be found North West of Camp Crook, SD. The ranch boundaries extend into both Harding County, SD, and Carter County, MT.

Click play to watch a tribute video for Larry and Deb!


Larry’s friends know he loves riding through the cattle on a good cow horse, watching the calves and grass grow, and haying season. His least favorite ranch job is tearing out old fence, but he loves to build new fence! For entertainment, Larry enjoys a good ranch rodeo and ranch broncs. He has served on the Harding County Weed and Pest Board for many years.

Licking says their ranch is a slice of heaven and he is happiest when cowboying. Larry isn't on facebook, but he was so excited to hear that people he didn't know liked the picture of him on his good horse, Ole (as in the Norwegian Ole and Lena).

Larry Licking is the perfect example of why the world needs more cowboys! Congratulations to Larry and Deb and thank you to all who shared photos of their favorite cowboys and cowgirls as we celebrated the National Day of the Cowboy this past weekend. 

Pictures by Debbie Hamilton 

 Northern Ag Network & Deb Brown


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