Lehfeldt to Run for Sheep Industry Position


Ben Lehfeldt, sheep producer from Lavina, MT, and Montana Wool Growers Board of Directors member representing District 2/Central Region, is campaigning for the nomination of the American Sheep Industry Associations Secretary/Treasurer position.

Below is part of Lehfeldt’s campaign letter:

“I am a fifth-generation Montana sheep rancher whose family is deeply dependent and appreciative of the opportunities the sheep industry has provided my family over the past 135 years. While the sheep industry has played an important role in the maturation of agriculture in the United States, I believe our industry has the ability to grow and be a strong player in US agriculture. We, as sheep ranchers, add an immense amount of value to the US economy and the population as a whole. As our country toggles back and forth between US political leadership, our industry must be steadfast in promotion of the significant benefits sheep provide our nation.  Our industry’s diversity, from breeds to regions to production systems, offers existing producers and future producers a strong opportunity to stand proud in the agricultural community. The American Sheep Industry needs to focus on highlighting and accentuating our producers’ successes from being a sought-after protein in the traditional and non-traditional markets – to producing a premium natural clothing product – to offering huge benefits to our environment through targeted and multi-species grazing.”

Over the years, Lehfeldt has been appointed to the American Wool Council, American Lamb Board, American Sheep Industry Roadmap, and represented ASI as a steering committee member on the National Grazing Land Coalition. He is currently an officer in the National Sheep Improvement Program and serve as a director for the Montana Woolgrower Association.

Ben said he is eternally grateful to have the opportunity to raise his family on a sheep ranch and to develop friendships with some of the most caring and giving individuals he’s had the chance to work alongside. He would welcome any support, concerns, or suggestions that sheep producers have and hopes they will attending part or all of the virtual ASI convention January 28thand 29th.  Montana producers will be caucusing with Wyoming and Idaho on January 28that 4pm-5pm, and encourages attendees to make their voices heard nationally. The deadline to register for the convention is January 22nd, at sheepusa.org.

Contact Ben Lehfeldt via email or phone at: ben_lehfeldt@hotmail.com or 406-321-1097


Montana Wool Growers Association

Ben Lehfeldt

Northern Ag Network – 2021

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