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Livestock Per Capita Fee Changes Public Meeting, Helena MT



On November 5, 2015, at 10:30 a.m., the Department of Revenue is holding a public hearing to consider some changes for livestock reporting and fees for the livestock per capita fees that will become effective in 2016.


Northern Ag Network spoke with Jayme Carlson, from the Property Assessment Division with the Montana Department of Revenue about how the changes will impact Montana ranchers.

Starting in 2016, livestock per capita fees will be due May 31 instead of November 30. The 2015 Legislature changed the payment date to reduce the time between the reporting and payment due dates. However that also means that during this transition year, livestock owners will only have 5 months between the 2015 payment and the 2016 payment.  

According to Carlson, per capita fee bills for 2015 are scheduled to be mailed the first week of November with payment due on November 30. The bill will include information to allow livestock owners to pay online at or pay by check through the mail as in the past.  

For the 2016 reporting year, the department will mail livestock owners their reporting forms in mid-January 2016. Livestock owners have to report all livestock owned as of February 1 by March 1. New livestock that do not receive a reporting form or livestock owners that have not been reported previously can go to to report online, download a reporting form on our website at and mail it in or visit their local Department Of Revenue office and pick up a reporting form.

In order to make a payment online, livestock owners will have to log in through ePass Montana. The log-in process includes creating a user name and password. The online screens will lead livestock owners through the reporting and payment steps. Payment options include eCheck and Visa and MasterCard credit cards. For the livestock owners that report and pay in one transaction, there will be no more waiting seven months to pay the fees for the year. If a livestock owner reports or pays on-line, they will be able to view their past years reported livestock headcounts and payment history. Livestock owners can also report by March 1 and then log back in prior to May 31 to pay their per capita fees.

 Livestock owner also need to note the following change:  the rule has changed a little bit for those that bring livestock in to graze after the February 1 counting date.   They are required to complete and submit a livestock reporting form to the Department of Revenue. Reporting forms can be found on the Department of Revenue and Department of Livestock’s website. The Department of Revenue will use the information provided by the livestock owner to mail them a reporting form in the following year.   

Carlson also thought it was important to note that even if you own one horse, or just a few backyard chickens, you are required to report your livestock.  All poultry and bees, swine three months of age or older and all other livestock nine months of age or older including cattle, sheep, goats, horses, mules, asses, llamas, alpacas, domestic bison, ostriches, rheas, emus and domestic ungulates (elk). 


CLICK HERE for additional information about the public hearing and proposed rule changes.


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